Do you know? Triassic dinosaurs weren’t very massive

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The Triassic interval began 252 million years in the past after the Permian-Triassic extinction occasion, and within the 50 million years earlier than the subsequent extinction occasion, big reptiles advanced and dominated the planet. One significantly fearsome species referred to as the rauisuchians stretched 9 metres from nostril to tail with enamel like steak knives. Nevertheless, the dinosaurs that existed on the time had been a lot smaller creatures, many not a lot larger than a cow. Although they had been missing in stature, some had some uncommon options, like Tanystropheus, with a neck twice so long as its physique.

We will keep relationships with solely round 150 mates

What is Dunbar’s number?

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Though the variety of mates in your Fb profile is likely to be a great distance north of 500, there’s a pure higher restrict to the variety of individuals you’ll be able to keep a secure social relationship with. This is named Dunbar’s quantity, and it performs out in lots of extra conditions than you may realise. For instance, traditionally it was the common dimension of English villages, the perfect dimension for church parishes, and the scale of the essential navy unit, the corporate.


There’s additionally a correlation between primate mind dimension and the scale of their social teams. Extrapolate this relationship to the scale of a human mind and guess the place that leads us? Sure,  round 150 social contacts.

Mount Everest’s summit can be 2 kilometres underwater on the ocean’s deepest spot

How deep is the Mariana trench?

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At its deepest level, in an space referred to as the Challenger Deep, the Mariana trench plunges to a depth of 10,984 metres (36,037 ft) under sea degree. That is roughly the identical distance under the waves that industrial airliners fly above them, and if Mount Everest had been to begin on the ocean’s lowest level, at 8849 metres it will nonetheless be greater than 2000 metres under the floor.

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