Modder turns Sport Boy right into a Bitcoin miner

WTF?! It’s no secret that one of many the reason why we will’t purchase a graphics card proper now—exterior of public sale websites—is demand from cryptominers. However there’s one other method to mine Bitcoin with out requiring a graphics card, although it’s lots slower than conventional strategies: use a Nintendo Sport Boy.

The spectacular feat of engineering is the work of YouTube channel stacksmashing, which turned the Sport Boy right into a Bitcoin miner by way of some intelligent modding.

Step one was to load all of the YouTuber’s compiled ROMS onto the Sport Boy utilizing an ordinary USB flash card.

The principle difficulty with mining on a Sport Boy is the dearth of on-line connectivity in Nintendo’s traditional handheld, which means it will possibly’t connect with the Bitcoin community with out some tweaks. To get round this drawback, stacksmashing used a $4 Raspberry Pi Pico and a modified Nintendo Sport Hyperlink Cable.

One thing else that wanted to be addressed is the distinction in voltage necessities between the Pico (3.3 volts) and the Nintendo Sport Hyperlink Cable with its 5V logic ranges. This meant utilizing a easy four-channel, bi-directional logic shifter. It’s famous that the bi-directional function isn’t really required, however some of these elements have been the one ones accessible.

The Sport Boy is related to the Raspberry Pi Pico by way of the logic shifter, and the Pico hyperlinks to a PC that gives the web connection.

As you’ll anticipate, the Sport Boy is not any RTX 3090 relating to mining Bitcoin. Its 8-bit Sharp LR35902 processor (4.18 MHz) offers it a efficiency of round 0.8 hashes per second. Placing that into context, most trendy ASIC miners are able to about 100 terahashes per second, making the hand held round 125 trillion instances slower.

Whereas Bitcoin is value $57,749 proper now, mining a single one utilizing this technique would take a few quadrillion years, although its 4 triple-A batteries does imply it is lots much less power-hungry than ASIC miners.

Thanks, TweakTown

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