Just one particular person on the earth can beat a Phantom Abyss dungeon

We acquired our first glimpse at Phantom Abyss a couple of weeks in the past, however got an extended look at this time in the course of the Summer season Recreation Fest. And the longer you look, the cooler it sounds.

In Phantom Abyss, gamers run, bounce, and swing with a whip by means of a procedurally generated temple full of lethal traps in hopes of discovering and stealing a valuable relic. It is an asynchronous multiplayer sport, so you are not all in there collectively—as a substitute, you see the opposite gamers as phantoms, the ghosts of people that have entered the tomb earlier than you. Observe a phantom should you suppose they will lead you safely across the traps, however be mindful all of them almost certainly perished, so any ghost you shadow may very well be main you to your doom. 


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