Pokemon GO Mega Slowbro raid counters: Greatest to beat the weirdo

There’s a Shiny Mega Slowbro at a Pokemon gymnasium close to you, if you happen to’re fortunate, beginning this week. This raid boss is an absolute monster, a Pokemon GO champion, a goofy beast the likes of which COULD be Shiny when you’ve overwhelmed it in single fight. Mega Slowbro is a Psychic and Water kind Pokemon, most susceptible VS Ghost, Darkish, Electrical, Bug, and Grass Pokemon.

For starters, be sure to perceive how large Mega Slowbro may be. It’s tough to beat this Pokemon, not essentially as a result of it’s robust, however as a result of it has so many hit factors. You’ll very seemingly want a minimum of 3 folks in your Raid crew to beat Mega Slowbro.

In the event you’re searching for the most important and the very best Pokemon to beat Mega Slowbro, look to Mega Gengar and Mega Gyarados. A Mega Gengar with Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball could be greatest. Your Mega Gyarados with Chunk and Crunch is the monster that’ll greatest fill out the top of your crew.

Alternate options embody Mega Houndoom, with Snarl and Foul Play. Darkrai may also roll proper with Snarl and Shadow Ball. Drop a Chandelure in your crew with Hex and Shadow Ball, or a Giratina (Origin) with Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball.

The perfect Grass Pokemon within the combine for battling Mega Slowbro is, as ordinary, Mega Venusaur. This monster with Vine Whip and Frenzy Plant is sort of all the time the Grass Pokemon of selection in terms of exploiting mentioned weak spot.

The remainder of our checklist of suggestions is essentially Electrical. Most of those Pokemon ought to (ideally) use Wild Cost as a charged transfer. The primary exception is Thunderus (Therian) who ought to ideally use Volt Change and Thunderbolt. Additionally Mega Ampharos’s greatest strikes listed below are Volt Change and Zap Cannon.

Attempt a Magnezone with Spark, Zekrom with Cost Beam, or Electivire with Thunder Shock – the lot of them with Wild Cost as a charged transfer. Ensure you’re avoiding utilizing Pokemon which can be Hearth, Floor, Rock, Combating, or Poison varieties, as Mega Slowbro is additional robust towards these monsters.

Take a peek on the full information set for the Slowbro and different Raids proper now. There’s loads of Slowbro, Slowking, and Slowpoke motion to go round!

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